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Biosensor Fabrication & Technology


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Welcome to the Cheng Lab at UCR! We study biosensor applications and material design through surface plasmon resonance, mass spectrometry, and high throughput approaches. The tools we develop are applied toward a range of biomolecular targets, including clinical biomarkers, environmental toxins and contaminants, and complex media. Located in the Chemical Sciences Building at UCR, we have access to a wide range of analytical and cleanroom facilities on campus. Feel free to learn more about our work through our website, or contact us for samples and/or more information.

Latest Group News

Prof. Cheng Receives Distinguished Advisor Award from Environmental Toxicology

June 23, 2016
Prof. Cheng was nominated for, and ultimately won, the Distinguished Advisor Award from the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program. This award recognizes advisors for their outstanding committment to the success and progress of their graduate students and is presented annually at the Environmental Toxicology Student Symposium in June. Coincidentally, Prof. Cheng was teaching at the time of the banquet and his students accepted the award on his behalf. Congrats Dr. Cheng, you earned it!