University of California, Riverside

Cheng Research Lab


Graduate Students

Graduate Students who are interested in the fields of Analytical or Materials Chemistry, Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, or Environmental Toxicology are welcome to apply to the group. Please inquire with Prof. Cheng about availability and research opportunities.

Additionally, we are happy to host visiting graduate students from other universities who are interested in collaboration and/or adding new techniques to their current skillset. This is generally facilitated by mutual agreement of Prof. Cheng and the home institution's advisor.

Undergraduate Students

Highly motivated undergraduates of any year are welcome to apply for a research position. Undergraduates are typically paired with a graduate student or postdoc who will guide them through learning common techniques in the group, along with facilitating their assistance to current ongoing projects. Given that exceptional proficiency and contribution have been demonstrated, undergraduates may be included in publications from the group and/or receive full research projects of their own. Please send your inquiry to Prof. Cheng, along with a brief CV and current GPA if interested


Postdoctoral Researchers

There is currently no funded position available for postdoctoral researchers.

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